A Velha Senhora :: The Old Lady

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A idosa senhora já há algum tempo estava pronta para se apresentar mas só agora me foi possivel fazê-lo. Este boneco-personagem foi para mim um trabalho dificil, demorado no carinho com que a terceira idade merece ser homenageada e representada. Assim o diriam cada pedaço de tecido ou lã se pudessem falar…O processo de construção foi mostrado em anteriores posts. Para o modelo do corpo e cabeça baseei-me no padrão da grande artista de bonecas-esculturas em tecido Sharon Mitchell


The old lady was ready to perform but only now just been me possible to do so. The husband not long, come join her. This character-doll was for me a hard work, delayed on the affection that seniors deserve to be honored and rendered. So say each piece of fabric or wool if they could talk … The construction process was showned  in previous posts. For the body and head´s model,  I relied on the pattern of the great artist of cloth dolls Sharon Mitchell

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1 Comment on A Velha Senhora :: The Old Lady

  1. Sharon MItchell
    08/05/2015 at 13:05 (1 semana ago)

    What a fabulous job you have done of this doll Rosa! From making the simplest form of prim doll, you have gone to making something quite complicated and achieved a high level of expertise! I am so delighted with what you have done and for showing your processes along the way! YOu have interpreted the doll in your own style too, and so I think you are amazing! Well done!


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